Daisy Roots

Daisy Roots is the home of the original soft soled baby shoes.

The shoes are all still designed and made in their Northamptonshire home, something of a rarity today to find a UK made shoe! We are stocking their lovely soft soled baby shoes along with their fabulous hand sewn moccasins with a lovely rubber sole. We have also taken some of their lovely make your own craft kits so that you can make your own baby shoes, ideal as a gift for a new baby.

  • 0-6 months (UK2 / 10.7cm)
  • 6-12 months (UK3 / 12.2cm)
  • 12-18 months (UK5 / 14cm)
  • 18-24 months (UK7 / 15.5cm)
  • EU18 (UK2 / 11.4cm)
  • EU19 (UK3 / 12cm)
  • EU20 (UK3.5 / 12.5cm)
  • EU21 (UK4 / 13cm)
  • EU22 (UK5 / 13.7cm)
  • EU23 (UK6 / 14.5cm)