Kinder Feet

Kinder Feet make hand-made, truly ethical, eco-friendly, and stylish and funky children's shoes.

Every single step of the production process is traceable and materials are sourced very carefully. They use only the eco-friendliest leather available on the market worldwide The end result is that Kinder Feet are able to offer the softest, most comfortable little leather shoes which children love wearing! Ideal for use as slippers or indoor shoes for school, nursery and PE, these super soft leather shoes are a lovely fit with a wider toe box and an elasticated ankle to fit lots of different foot shapes.


  • EU19 (UK3 / 11.7cm)
  • EU20 (UK3.5 / 12.4cm)
  • EU21 (UK4 / 13.1cm)
  • EU22 (UK5 (13.8cm)
  • EU23 (UK6 / 14.5cm)
  • EU24 (UK7 / 15.2cm)
  • EU25 (UK8 / 15.9cm)
  • EU26 (UK8.5 / 16.6cm)
  • EU27 (UK9 / 17.3cm)
  • EU28 (UK10 / 18cm)
  • EU29 (UK11 / 18.7cm)
  • EU30 (UK11.5 / 19.5cm)
  • EU31 (UK12.5 / 20.2cm)