Koel 4 Kids

Koel4kids is a Dutch brand founded in 2006 to make quality children’s shoes. They have recently moved into the barefoot market and have produced range of boots and shoes on their lovely sole unit which is super soft, thin and flexible with a great wide toe box. The shoes are made in one of Europe’s leading shoe factories in Portugal so the quality is fantastic. The highlight of the range for us is the fantastic Rana boots, a super lightweight alternative to wellingtons.

      • EU21 (13.4cm) - HLS UK4.5
      • EU22 (14.1cm) - HLS UK5
      • EU23 (14.7cm) - HLS UK6
      • EU24 (15.9cm) - HLS UK7
      • EU25 (16.5cm) - HLS UK8
      • EU26 (17.1cm) - HLS UK9
      • EU27 (17.5cm) - HLS UK9.5
      • EU28 (18.0cm) - HLS UK10
      • EU29 (18.5cm) - HLS UK10.5
      • EU30 (19.2cm) - HLS UK11
      • EU31 (19.9cm) - HLS UK12
      • EU32 (20.7cm) - HLS UK13
      • EU33 (21.4cm) - HLS UK1j
      • EU34 (21.9cm) - HLS UK2j
      • EU35 (22.5cm) - HLS UK2.5j
      • EU36 (23.1cm) - HLS UK3j
      • EU37 (23.7cm) - HLS UK4j
      • EU38 (24.5cm) - HLS UK5j