MyMayu are a fantastic brand of innovative rain boots created by a Canadian family to allow their children to run and jump in the wet without restricting their natural movement or getting wet feet! They feature a fantastic thin and flexible, zero-drop rubber sole and are less than half the weight of conventional rain boots. The waterproof upper covers the entire lower leg with fully sealed seams to keep little feet nice and dry. They are adjustable at the ankle and knee so they offer a lovely secure fit, stay put and prevent splashed water from entering at the top. The boots are sized to suit all widths and depths with sizes from EU20 up to EU34, to fit kids aged approximately 18 months to 10 years, keeping kids big and small playing outside for hours.


  • EU16-17 (UK1-2 / 11cm)
  • EU18-19 (UK2-3 / 12cm)
  • EU20-22 (UK4-5 / 14cm)
  • EU23-25 (UK6-7 / 15.6cm)
  • EU26-28 (UK8-9 / 17cm)
  • EU29-30 (UK10-11 / 18.9cm)
  • EU31 (UK12 / 19.8cm)
  • EU32 (UK13 / 20.5cm)
  • EU33 (UK1j / 21.4cm)
  • EU34 (UK2j / 22.3cm)