Rafters are a US brand from Oregon specialising in sandals. The Turbo range are a great little water shoe, perfect for the beach pool side and all summer and water play. These shoes are vegan friendly with a highly durable but flexible sole.


  • EU25 (17.4cm) - HLS UK9
  • EU26 (18.3cm) - HLS UK10
  • EU27 (19.2cm) - HLS UK11
  • EU29 (19.9cm) - HLS UK12
  • EU30 (20.7cm) - HLS UK13
  • EU31 (21.4cm) - HLS UK1j
  • EU33 (22.0cm) - HLS UK2j
  • EU35 (22.5cm) - HLS UK2.5j
  • EU37 (23.0cm) - HLS UK3j
  • EU38 (23.5cm) - HLS UK4j
  • EU39 (24.3cm) - HLS UK5j