Rose and Chocolat

Rose and Chocolat are a great barefoot brand.

Their shoes are all based on the same sole unit which has a lovely wide toe box and is incredibly thin, flat and flexible. Great for high insteps with a good range of enclosed styles. Their sizes currently only go up to a UK6 and are measured as below...

    Mini Shoes
  • EU17-18 (UK1 / 10cm)
  • EU19 (UK2 / 11cm)
  • EU20 (UK3 / 12cm)
  • EU21-22 (UK4 / 13cm)
  • EU23 (UK5 / 13.8cm)
  • Soft Stepz
  • EU19 (UK2.5 / 11.6cm)
  • EU20 (UK3 / 12.4cm)
  • EU21 (UK4 / 13.2cm)
  • EU22 (UK5 / 13.8cm)
  • EU23 (UK6 / 14.5cm)