Saltwater sandals come from the USA, they are a great all purpose smart sandal which is super durable. The leather is coated with a water resistant sealant and the buckles are rust proof which means the sandals are water safe and can be used wet and dry. Good adjustability means the sandals suit most foot types, although best for medium to wide feet. They are not a barefoot sandal but we have found them to be nice and wide and whilst the heel is rigid the forefoot does soften up to give a reasonable flexibility with use. They are not zero drop however and have a heel rise of 5mm. Please note we are only stocking the original soles and would not recommend the other soles available.

  • SW6 (UK5 / 14cm)
  • SW7 (UK6 / 15cm)
  • SW8 (UK7 / 15.9cm)
  • SW9 (UK8 / 16.5cm)
  • SW10 (UK9 / 17.3cm)
  • SW11 (UK10 / 18.3cm)
  • SW12 (UK11 / 19.2cm)
  • SW13 (UK12 / 19.8cm)
  • SW1 (UK13 / 20.5cm)
  • SW2 (UK1j / 21.5cm)
  • SW3 (UK2j / 22cm)