This brand new line of children's shoes from established brand Scholl has been designed with barefoot principles and have a lightweight and flexible sole with a wider fitting toe box. Most of the styles have a zero drop sole but do check the notes as one of the soles has a slight heel rise. The sole is a little too thick to be truly barefoot but you can remove/replace the insole to improve this. They are made with high quality super soft leather uppers and feature classic simple designs with a retro feel.

School Shoes

  • EU20 (13.7cm) - HLS UK5
  • EU21 (14.3cm) - HLS UK5.5
  • EU22 (15.0cm) - HLS UK6
  • EU23 (15.7cm) - HLS UK7
  • EU24 (16.3cm) - HLS UK8
  • EU25 (17.1cm) - HLS UK9
  • EU26 (17.6cm) - HLS UK9.5
  • EU27 (18.0cm) - HLS UK10
  • EU28 (18.5cm) - HLS UK10.5
  • EU29 (19.0cm) - HLS UK11
  • EU30 (19.7cm) - HLS UK12
  • EU31 (20.5cm) - HLS UK13
  • EU32 (21.3cm) - HLS UK1j
  • EU33 (22.0cm) - HLS UK2j
  • EU34 (22.8cm) - HLS UK3j
  • EU35 (23.5cm) - HLS UK4j
  • EU36 (24.0cm) - HLS UK4.5j
  • EU37 (24.5cm) - HLS UK5j
  • EU38 (25.3cm) - HLS UK6j
  • EU39 (26.0cm) - HLS UK7j