See Kai Run

See Kai Run are our first choice for wider and deeper feet.

They have two different types of sole; a hand-stitched sole and a 'flat lasted' construction, making up the majority of their range. The hand-stitched sole style of shoe is roomier in width and depth than similar styles from the main range and will suit a wider, deeper foot better than the glued construction. The exception is the sandal styles which all offer a much wider, deeper fit than any of the shoes. The sandals also seem to come up bigger than the corresponding sized shoe so we have sized those differently!

See Kai Run

  • US3 (UK2 /11.5cm)
  • US4 (UK3 / 12.3cm)
  • US5 (UK4 / 13.1cm)
  • US6 (UK5 / 13.9cm)
  • US7 (UK6 / 14.7cm)
  • US8 (UK7 / 15.5cm)
  • S9 (UK8 / 16.3cm)

See Kai Run Sandals

  • US3 (UK2.5 / 12cm)
  • US4 (UK3.5 / 12.8cm)
  • US5 (UK4.5 / 13.5cm)
  • US6 (UK5.5 / 14.2cm)
  • US7 (UK6 / 15cm)
  • US8 (UK7.5 / 16cm)
  • US9 (UK8.5 / 16.7cm)