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For narrower feet the challenge is to try and ensure that the shoe has a good fit on the ankle whilst still allowing that all important wriggle room for the toes. The key is to look for an ankle strap with a good adjustment to hold the shoe securely on the foot. We have certain brands that we recommend for narrower feet, generally the Bobux brand and certain options from Pediped. However we tend to only recommend specific styles from these brands and there are also some styles from other brands that we have found work really well on a narrower foot. Have a look at our selections here.


Nice and easy to fit! We find that most shoes in our collection work well for medium width feet so with one or two exceptions you can take your pick! Our philosophy is to get as much space across the toes as possible without the shoe becoming too baggy, slipping or causing the child to trip so we are always trying to get the widest possible shoe for each child. Have a look at the options here.


Barefoot shoes are by their very nature wider than traditional shoes to allow lots of wriggle room for little toes. Fitting wider and deeper feet is therefore much easier for us. We have never yet found a foot too wide or deep for us to fit! It is really important to try and measure wider feet standing up as they do tend to spread more than average on standing and therefore it is easy to underestimate the length required to give the necessary growing room. Our selections for wider feet come from many years of experience in fitting, have a look at what we recommend here.