Looking For Children's Barefoot Summer Sandals? We've Got You Covered.

Looking For Children's Barefoot Summer Sandals? We've Got You Covered.

The sun is finally shining and summer is on its way and we are currently unpacking and loading lots of lovely new sandal brands onto our website. At Happy Little Soles we have spent a lot of time curating our new collection of barefoot kids sandals. This year we have been delighted to be able to restock on one of most popular ranges of barefoot kid sandals from Tikki. They are due in next month but in the meantime we are delighted to present a great range of barefoot sandal options from brands such as Zeazoo, Bundgaard and Froddo. From the more open styles suitable for older kids such as the Skye from Bundgaard and the Olymp from Zeazoo to the cage style sandals which are ideal for younger children being more enclosed to ensure little toes are protected whilst still being out in the sunshine!

Below we are happy to introduce you to some of the highlights from our children's range, great sandals from Froddo, Bundgaard, Zeazoo and Old Soles.

Old Soles

For the very littlest feet the Old Soles range of first sandals like the Surf, Splash and Wave sandals are perfect for pre-walkers and new walkers alike. They are on a thin and flexible sole, made from a nice grippy rubber, with a super soft leather upper . A wider and deeper fit they have a good adjustment around the ankle for lots of foot types and come in sizes from a UK3 to a UK6.


Old Soles Sandals | Happy Little Soles

1. Old Soles Wave Sandal Tan           2. Old Soles Splash Away Sandal Navy           3. Old Soles Little Surf Sandal Taupe          4. Old Soles Little Suft Sandal Dalia

Zeazoo Gobi and Marlin

The Zeazoo caged sandals are an excellent barefoot option with a super flexible sole and soft vegetable tanned leather upper and they come in a great range of colours and styles. They range in size from the UK6 through UK8 in the Goby and up to UK12 in the Marlin.

Zeezoo Sandals | Happy Little Soles

1. Zeezoo Marlin Sandal Blue          2. Zeezoo Goby Sandal Pink         3. Zeezoo Golby Sandal Turquoise Pink          4. Zeezoo Marlin Sanda Colourful

Bundgaard Sebastian and Rox

Bundgaard has long been our go to brand for wider fitting wellingtons but it is also fast gaining popularity for it's range of barefoot sandals. For the younger kids the Sebastian sandal is hard to beat. It is on a zero drop and super flexible crepe rubber sole unit which is 4mm thick and extra wide in fit. The leather upper is really nice and soft with a vegetable tanned chrome free leather lining which is great for the most sensitive of feet. Sizes start at the UK6 and go up to a UK12. Rox is a new shape we've added at Happy Little Soles and is another lovely high quality enclosed sandal on their wide fitting and zero drop sole. This sandal is nice and flexible with a great width and shape to the toe box in the prettiest shade of lilac. 

Bundgaard Sandals | Happy Little Soles

1. Bundgaard Sebastian Sandal Mint          2. Bundgaard Sebastian Sandal Dark Navy           3. Bundgaard Sebastian II Sandal Yellow          4. Bundgaard Sebastian Rox IV Sandal Lilac  

Froddo Avi

The Avi sandal from Froddo is a welcome addition to their sandal range and is on their new Flexy barefoot sole. This is a Vibram sole which is zero-drop with a nice shape to the toe box. It is the thickest sole of all of our options at 6mm thick but is lovely and wide and a great hard wearing option. They are all made with a Chrome free leather lining and Chrome free, fixed leather insole. Sizes start at a UK3.5 and go up to a UK9.

Froddo Avi Sandal | Happy Little Soles

1. Froddo Avi Sandal Pink          2. Froddo Avi Sandal Blue          3. Froddo Avi Sandal Olive          4. Froddo Avi Sandal Yellow

Bundgaard Skye

The Skye sandal was new in 2022 and proved a popular choice for its practical design and colourful options. It has a classic sporty look with a nice wide fit and an ultra thin and flexible, zero drop rubber sole. Made in Portugal this sandal is made from premium leather with a vegetable tanned chrome free leather lining and a padded heel collar for comfort with adjustable velcro straps to the heel and toes for a great fit.

We are delighted to have restocked on the Skye this season with a restock of the popular colours as well as a new colour option.

Bungaard Skye Sandals | Happy Little Soles

1. Bundgaard Skye Sandal Red          2. Bundgaard Sky Sandal Navy          3. Bundgaard Sky Sandal Tan          4. Bundgaard Sky Sandal Mint

Froddo Barefoot

The Froddo barefoot sole has long been popular at Happy Little Soles and is almost unique in offering a range of shoe, sandal and boot options up to an EU40. Their classic and elastic sandals have been long been popular for both younger and older kids and are available in a great range of colours. The Flexi Lia sandal and new W range have been a welcome addition for older kids and allowed the development of a more open style of sandal, such as the Lia. These are on on a zero-drop and 6mm thick Vibram rubber sole with a 2mm leather top. It is really nice and wide and made from a high quality and hard wearing leather with a Chrome free leather lining and Chrome free, fixed leather insole.

Froddo barefoot sandals | Happy Little Soles

1. Froddo Barefoot Flower Sandal Coral          2. Froddo Barefoot Sandal Fuchsia          3. Froddo Barefoot Lia Sandal Yellow          4. Froddo Barefoot Sandal Blue

Sole Runner

For a more enclosed sandal, practical for all weathers, the Sole Runner collection of sandal/shoe hybrids, Mab and Ersa, are a great choice and come in both leather and vegan options. They are all on the Sole Runner zero drop, flexible 6 mm non-marking rubber outsole which is a nice wide fit with a good adjustable velcro closure.

1. Sole Runner Mab Sandal Navy          2. Sole Runner Ersa Sandal Blue Green          3. Sole Runner Mab Sandal Blue

Zeazoo Olymp

The Olymp sandals from Zeazoo have proved popular over the last couple of years for both older kids and also for adults. A sporty sandal on a zero-drop and super flexible 4mm Vibram sole unit. It is made from soft high quality Nappa leather with a Chrome-free leather lining and comes in a range of colours.

1. Zeazoo Olymp Sandal Blue          2. Zeazoo Olymp Sandal Camel           3. Zeazoo Olymp Sandal Pink


Pediped Sahara

The Pediped Sahara has long been our best selling summer sandal, whilst not the most barefoot option it is rugged yet lightweight and flexible sandal with a lovely wide fit.  It is perfect for paddling and wading on beach and river alike. Water-safe, machine-washable, super durable and above all comfortable the Sahara is not our favourite summer shoe for nothing!

Pediped Sahara | Happy Little Soles

1. Pediped Sahara Sandal Black Blue        2. Pediped Sahara Sandal Fuchsia Lavender         3. Pediped Sahara Sandal Sky         4. Pediped Sahara Sandal Grey Lime



Bobux a wide range of sandals catering for all fits and occasions.  The most barefoot is the Summit which are machine washable and water safe and great for paddling and wading, being a narrower fit that the Sahara they offer a great alternative for those for whom the Sahara is too wide.  They also do a nice range of water safe sandals for paddling in on the medium width i-walk sole unit with the Tidal and Tropicana proving popular in a range of bright colours.  Finally their lovely dress sandals are the perfect smarter sandal for both everyday and special occasions.  The Roam, Cross Jump and the new Compass sandals are available in a colour to suit any outfit.

Bobux Children's Barefoot Sandals | Happy Little Soles

1. Bobux Cross Jump Sandal Rose          2. Bobux Roam Sandal Navy        3. Bobux Summit Sandal Navy and Snorkel Blue           4. Bobux Tidal Sandal Emerald


Common Tread Amber Sandal

The Amber Desert Sandal is a simple classic  barefoot sandal from South African brand, Common Tread.  These sandals are a lovely super barefoot option on a wider fitting  and flexible crepe rubber sole.  The sole is 3mm thin with a 2mm leather insole giving a total stack height of 5mm making the Amber amongst the most barefoot of our kids sandal options.  They are perfect for a new and developing walker.

Common Tread | Happy Little Soles


                                         1. Common Tread Amber Sandal Green            2. Common Tread Amber Sandal Pink

You can explore all of our new in styles here.