The minimalist running shoe company, Vivobarefoot is at the forefront of the Barefoot Revolution. The company was founded in 2003 by Galahad Clark. The inspiration behind it all came when he was approached in 1999 by his childhood friend, Tim Brennan, who complained of struggling with pain whilst playing tennis. Brennan believed that the trainers he wore were the reason behind the issues he was experiencing and at his studio at the Royal College of Arts he created the first barefoot shoe concept. He presented it to Galahad, who was a member of the Clark’s family shoe making dynasty, a 6th generation shoe maker and who loved the idea.

From there, 5 years of scientific research was undertaken and in 2004, the first Vivobarefoot minimalist shoe was released. The sole of the shoes was patented, ultra-thin and puncture resistant to allow maximum sensory feedback, known as Proprioception. Proprioception provides us with body awareness and is like our sixth sense. It allows the body to sense its own movement and balance.

The feet contain 28 bones, 33 major muscles, 19 ligaments and over 200,000 nerve endings. Vivobarefoot focussed on designing shoes that allow feet to do their natural thing by being foot shaped and allowing the feet room to move. This also allows the feet to use the muscles and ligaments they are naturally made up of and build strength through movement without the need for support. Everyone understands the importance of having a healthy body and the feet are no exception.

Vivobarefoot promise to give you less and in this instance, less certainly is more. Feeling the ground below you allows you to move freely and confidently and provides maximum sensory feedback. Without feeling the ground, the nerve endings in your feet are unable to provide the brain with information as to what is below them and whether there are any obstacles, which can result in trips, falls and loss in balance. Vivobarefoot shoes contain no support or padding, allowing the feet to move naturally and develop strength and muscle. Introducing support and padding to shoes hinders muscle growth and shapes feet in a way that is unnatural and not the way nature intended them to grow.

Vivobarefoot shoes are made incorporating a patented, ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole. From school shoes to sandals to trainers, all Vivobarefoot shoes are designed with minimal material between your feet and the ground. They are made to feel as though you are not wearing shoes at all, therefore reflecting the barefoot concept. Barefoot is best, but not always feasible, so Vivobarefoot create shoes that are as close to being barefoot as possible but provide some protection from the outdoor elements. The natural foot shape is wide, which is reflected in Vivobarefoot’s creations as they are suitable for medium to wide width feet.

Vivobarefoot believe that the human foot is ‘an evolutionary masterpiece’ and they do not want to interfere with this. Over the years, Vivobarefoot have gone from strength to strength and continue to produce barefoot shoes and promote the importance of barefoot running.

Here at Happy Little Soles, we stock a variety of Vivobarefoot styles for both boys and girls and 2019 has seen the exciting addition of Adult shoes. With school shoes, sandals, boots and trainers, there is something suitable for all seasons. In a variety of colours and designs, there is a style for everyone. So why not take a look.

As summer approaches, why not dive in and try the lightweight Ultra style in Shark or Dolphin suitable for all waterside adventures. Or allow your child to release their inner animal with the vibrant orange Mini Primus Tiger or subtle Rhino. You and your child could also match styles whilst out walking and taking in the beautiful outdoors with the super soft Fulham boot. And for the dancer in you, why not try the mesh sock like design of the Kanna, designed for movement and on the thinnest sole by Vivobarefoot.

Why not jump on board the barefoot concept and try the Vivobarefoot styles. Maybe even check the Vivobarefoot Sale for any offers to see if you can grab yourself a bargain.