Review of Stonz West Thermal Boots

Review of Stonz West Thermal Boots

We have invited long term customer and passionate barefoot advocate Anna Clark to review the Stonz West Thermal for us and are delighted to copy her review here in this blog post.

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Review of Stonz West Thermal Boots

Anna Clark

First Impressions

The first thing to note is that these aren't basic wellies, they are Thermal boots that go down to -20 degrees.....

The boot is fairly lightweight but as they have a slightly thicker grippier sole than a normal bff welly, most of the weight is the sole. It feels sturdy but flexible.


Natural rubber upper and outsole. 6mm Neoprene lined insulation.


They flex well, and I think over time will become even more flexible and there is good ground feel. They are zero drop. From the outside they look like they have an arch support, but its just the sole moulding on the outside as the inside is totally flat.


The toebox isn't as wide as the Bundgaard welly boots, but is probably equal or more than other BFF wellies on the market. They are probably better suited for a narrow-medium width foot.

Overall impression

For a thermal boot, I think they are currently a good thermal boot option, bear in mind they aren't as BF as a shoe would be, due to thermal padding, so expect a difference.

The only downside is the width of the opening-as they can be a bit baggy on thinner legs, but I think will be perfect for the really cold days with thick trousers and socks on.

They aren't a boot you would wish your child to wear everyday, as its not as thin a sole as a BF shoe-but will be good for the days when they are needed, or as a general welly.

All in all I think they are a good child's waterproof, thermal boot option.


They can be purchased from Happy Little Soles for £69.99

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Stonz West

With thanks to Anna Clark for the review. You can check out Anna's other reviews of barefoot shoes on her website here;