Review of Xero Gracie Rainboots

Review of Xero Gracie Rainboots

We have invited long term customer and passionate barefoot advocate Anna Clark to review the Xero Gracie Wellington Rainboots for us and are delighted to copy her review here in our latest blog post.

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Review of Xero Gracie Boots

Size USA8, 24.8cm-UK5.5

Anna Clark

It is a while since any Barefoot brand has produced a Rainboot. This is a fantastic move by Xero, and well appreciated by the Barefoot shoe community.

Xero have gone from strength to strength over the years. Starting with some of the original Barefoot sandals, they saw the need for boots and shoes, and did this with great success without sacrificing their unique style. Although based in the USA, this isnt a problem, as Happy Little Soles are stocking them, and bringing Xero to the UK community.

Although I wish they had also created a longer boot, I hope the success of this boot will encourage them for next winter.

First Impressions

Out of the box, these actually look quite flash and smart. They look good quality and appear more like a short riding boot than a welly.


Waterproof rubber with elasticated side panels, with a plush polyester interior.


The boots are zero drop, with a thin really flexible sole. I measured them thinner than HLS, and from wearing them, they had great flexibility and ground-feel, so I don't feel they have a stack height of 11mm. More like 7mm, including the insole and a tread of 2mm. They are hard to measure, as the lines on the outside do not line up with the top of the sole. The sole is very thin in my opinion. The insole is around 2mm, but it squashes down to about 1mm. I think they are a perfect thickness for a rainboot.

The dual direction chevron tread is very grippy, and perfect for wet weather.


These are medium-wide. They are not suitable for narrow feet. They have a nice wide toebox. A similar shape to Bundgaard (but not as wide).

Narrow ankles - I was a bit worried due to the style of these boots that they might slip at the heel, as my daughter has narrow ankles. The elastication helps a lot with this and helps the boots stay on. As all wellies slip a bit at the ankles, I would say these fair better in this regard. It's always best to wear thicker socks in wellies to avoid the feet slipping around.

Instep - Due to the style, I do not feel they would be suitable for very shallow feet or narrow feet.


They are lightweight, due to the thin sole and being a short boot.


UK3 (adult)-UK9

To me this is mid-range sizing. Suitable for older children towards men with smaller feet.

Overall impression

I think they are fantastic rainboots and it is clear they are designed by a barefoot company, as opposed to a Barefoot "friendly" alternative. I didn't manage to get any photo's of my daughter wearing them, as the bad weather hit and they have been constantly worn and she didn't want to show them muddy.

We live in a field and she has not complained of any water getting in, even when the mud splashed onto the elastic. She seems to really like them. I tried them on (we have pretty much the same size feet now) and they felt comfortable and have better groundfeel than my Viking bff Wellies. I wish more Barefoot companies would make rainboots, lets hope there are more to come.



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Xero Gracie

With thanks to Anna Clark for the review. You can check out Anna's other reviews of barefoot shoes on her website here;