The Perfect Barefoot Ballet Flat

The Perfect Barefoot Ballet Flat

When we first started looking to stock adults shoes at Happy Little Soles back in 2018 we wanted to focus on lifestyle shoes and occasion wear to try and fill the gaps in the adult barefoot market which seemed to be very focussed on barefoot running.

We wanted to curate a range of barefoot shoes for all occasions from the school run to the office, from nights out with friends to parties and weddings. As with our range of kids barefoot shoes we wanted styles with zero drop flexible soles, wide and foot shaped toe boxes that are comfortable in design, encourage the foot's natural movement and prevent various foot problems.

This proved a difficult mission back in the early days and the biggest challenge we faced was finding a range of barefoot ballet flats or ballerina style shoes. A ballet flat is a perfect option for everyday use, it’s slip on design makes it ideal for the school run and it can be dressed up for all occasions.

Initially we had a very limited range but 6 years on we are finally pleased to have a full range of ballet shoes that we feel can meet most foot shapes and criteria. We have finally reached the point where we think the range is big enough to merit its own section on the website and so we are pleased to introduce you to our new Ballet Shoe category

We have ranked shoes in the section in order of width, starting with the narrower Miranda’s from Sole Runner and moving up to our new Shapen range which works well for wider feet. It is worth noting that a ballet shoe is not very forgiving of fit, unlike a lace up shoe which can be tightened or loosened to adjust, a ballet shoe must fit well to avoid the heel slipping. It is worth therefore trying a few options when you are first looking to ensure the best fit for you.

It you are struggling then look for options with a strap like the Shapen Tulip and Poppy for extra security or with a removable insole like the Be Lenka Sophie to customise the depth. Heel grips are a great way of keeping the shoes secure on your ankle if you are finding that an otherwise well-fitting shoe is slipping a bit. Here are some of our favourites in the collection;

1) Sole Runner Miranda

Sole Runner Miranda Ballet Flat | Happy Little Soles

Sole Runner Miranda Pearl

Our first ever ballet shoe and one that is very narrow in fit but can work really well on those with very slim feet as with my daughter below. We have it available in three colours. The Miranda in Pearl as pictured, a beautiful antique rose suede and a classic black leather Miranda style as well.

Sole Runner Ladies Miranda Pearl Barefoot ballet shoe | Happy Little Soles


2) Vivobarefoot Asana Yin

A new addition to our range but these super comfy ballet shoes are lovely and smart and the new knit version is great for summer wear.

Vivobarefoot Women's Asana Yin Knit Ballet Shoe | Happy Little Soles

Vivobarefoot Women's Asana Yin Knit Shoes Obsidian

The innovative elasticated top line in these ballet shoes means they hug the foot beautifully with the knit upper option hugging the foot a bit better than the leather option.

Vivobarefoot Asan Yin Ballet Flat Shoe | Happy Little Soles

Vivobarefoot Women's Asana Yin Ballet Shoes Obsidian

They are a medium width and tend to fit the same as the Be Lenka Sophie, albeit with a slightly more sloping toe box.  

Be Lenka Sophie VS Vivobarefoot Asana Yin barefoot ballet shoe | Happy Little Soles

Be Lenka Sophie VS Vivobarefoot Asana Yin barefoot ballet shoe

3) Be Lenka Sophie

My own favourite ballet shoe! I live in these as they fit me perfectly. A medium width but a nice square shape to the toe box they have an average depth and heel shape. They are so comfy and with a removable insole have the ability to customise both the fit and the ground feel. They also come in a lovely array of colours and have a new knit version as well.

Be Lenka Sophie Ladies Ballet Flat | Happy Little Soles

Be Lenka Sophie Ladies Ballet Flat

4) Xero Phoenix

The Phoenix ballet shoe is a slightly wider fit than Sophie and not so good for the narrower heels but the knit version in particular is very popular as the knit upper has a bit more stretch to accommodate different foot shapes. It also hugs the foot nicely for a great fit and is very comfy to wear.

Xero Barefoot Phoenix Ballet Flat Shoes | Happy Little Soles

Xero Ladies Phoenix Knit Black 

5) Peerko

A lovely option that is slightly wider than the Sophie and Phoenix and with the added advantage of offering a good fit for narrower ankles. 

Peerko Petite Barefoot Ballet Flat Shoes | Happy Little Soles

Peerko Petite Ballet Flats

6) Angles 

Angles Antiopa and Nomia barefoot ballet flats | Happy Little Soles

Angles Nomia and Antiopa Ballet Flats

Angles offer a range of simple leather ballet shoes in 2 different widths and a good choice of colours such as the ruby red ballet flat, perfect with dresses for an occassion and the nut brown ballet flat which is a lovely alternative to a black shoe. The Antiopa is their narrower fitting option and the Nomia offers a fantastic wide fit with all the barefoot properties we'd expect. 

Angles Antiopa and Nomia Barefoot Ballet Shoes | Happy Little Soles

Left Antiopa and right Nomia ballet flats

Despite their different names they are essentially the same sleek shoe in different widths and you'd struggle to distinguish between the two. They have the same one thin flexible sole and fit nicely on your foot.

Angles Barefoot Ballet Flats in Black | Happy little Soles

7) Shapen

Shapen is our newest range of dress shoes, perfect for weddings or occassions where you require a more formal shoe, and offering a great range of different ballet shoe styles that work well for wider feet.

Shapen Barefoot Ballet Shoes | Happy Little Soles

Shapen Tulip Ballet Shoes 

Many, like the Poppy and Tulip, come with an ankle strap that can really help with heel slippage and keeps them nice and secure on the foot. Not only practical ,it is also a lovely design feature.

Shapen Barefoot Ballet Flats in pink, bronze and black | Happy Little Soles

Available in Rose, Black and Bronze

We have a wide range of ballet style barefoot shoes from Shapen so there is plenty of choice. You can can also chose the width of the shoe in either a regular or wide fit for the wider or narrower foot. The Regular width is pictured here.