About Us

Happy Little Soles is a family business committed to the importance of the right footwear to allow children’s feet to develop naturally. It was founded by enthusiastic barefooter Kate Harrington, with a mission to promote and make barefoot shoes available more widely.

Happy Little Soles was founded in 2010 in response to the frustration at the issues around children’s shoes available in the high street. Kate came to barefoot shoes when her younger daughter was struggling with shoes and balance and a series of chance conversations led her to Happy Little Soles and the solution to Keala's balance problems!

The more research she did, the more sense it made and the more amazed she was that these options weren’t more widely available. Years of practicing Yoga had taught her the importance of posture, alignment and the role of feet in maintaining healthy posture and good core stability. However she quickly realised that many of the exercises she had been doing were trying to put the flexibility and strength back into her feet that shoes had taken away! It was the light bulb moment! Keala stopped falling over, the family embraced barefoot shoes and Kate took on Happy Little Soles.

Happy Little Soles is committed to making the best barefoot shoes available in the UK and to offering a variety of different brands so you can be sure to find something to suit your child’s feet. We personally select every pair of shoes on our website, making sure they meet our strict criteria to be as close to barefoot as possible.

We work hard to find something to suit every stage of walking from those first steps onwards and for every situation from school shoes to snow boots. We source brands and styles to enable us to fit every possible type and shape of foot and test and measure all of the shoes ourselves to ensure the best possible fitting guidance.

Our aim is to provide the excellent customer service, unbeatable product knowledge and support necessary to enable you to choose the right brand and style for your child and to give you the information and reassurance to fit your own children’s shoes at home.

Our Barefoot Range

Did you know that many Podiatrists now recommend that barefoot is best for the development of healthy feet? The human foot is amazing and the complex bone structure doesn’t fully develop until children are around 18 years old. It is therefore vital for future health that little feet have lots of freedom to move and grow naturally.

However, we know that barefoot is not always practical and that our children's precious feet need protection from rough surfaces, the wet and extremes of temperature. Fortunately barefoot shoes are springing up from brands across the globe. They are especially designed for our children to ensure their feet have the best possible start in life.

Here at Happy Little Soles we have a great range of barefoot shoes for toddlers and children in sizes UK1 (infant) - UK3 (junior). All of our styles are carefully chosen to be as close to barefoot as possible.

Barefoot shoes have flat, lightweight, flexible soles to mimic barefoot walking and wide toe boxes to give little feet plenty of 'wriggle room'. Not to mention buttersoft, super breathable leathers and fun colourful designs.

We carefully source our brands from all over the world and select the best designs from each one. We look for shoes that offer a great fit and enable us to accommodate every possible type and shape of foot.

We test and measure all of the shoes ourselves to ensure the best possible fitting guidance. Our wide choice of brands and styles, unprecedented product knowledge and helpful customer service means you are sure to find something to suit your little one.

With super quick shipping and hassle free returns, we hope you'll be back time and again and take advantage of our generous loyalty scheme.