How to care for your PLAE shoes

How to care for your PLAE shoes

Machine Washable Designated Shoes

Many of the PLAE shoes are designated as safe to be machine washed. This is great news for active kids and can be very useful in restoring those muddy trainers to a smarter condition.

First do double check that your style is designated as safe and suitable for machine washing. Most PLAE shoes are but we don't recommend washing the full grain leather styles such as the Roan or those with decorative materials as it will alter the look or feel of the product.

Most of the Ty trainers however are suitable for occasional machine washing.

Follow the steps below;

  • Only machine wash when necessary and occasionally
  • Use small suede brush to remove excess dirt
  • Remove insoles
  • Machine wash shoes separately from other laundry
  • Wash the insoles separately
  • Wash on a cold gentle cycle with a small dose of a gentle detergent
  • Do not put in the dryer or tumble dryer
  • Dry naturally, avoiding direct sun and do not place near or over a direct heat source such as a radiator, fire or Aga

Have a look at this great video which shows you how to do this.

Or the video is also on Vimeo: How to wash your PLAE shoes

Leather Shoes and Boots

For all over leather styles, wipe down with a slightly damp washcloth and leave to dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight or over a heat source such as a radiator, fire or Aga.

Once the shoes are dry apply a natural wax polish to nourish the leather and prolong its life. We recommend the Chainbridge Honey Farm Beeswax Polish which is made from natural beeswax to give a nice shine whilst helping waterproofing the leather .