Bobux currently offers two different sole types; the Step Up range is for new walkers and the i-Walk range is for more confident walkers. The new Kid+ range caters for older children with a more robust sole that is still nice and flexible. Bobux is a medium width sole with a good range of styles that suit a narrower foot well.

Please note that Bobux convert to UK sizing a little differently to us and occasionally there is a different size noted on the box - please see below for details.

Bobux Step–Up

  • EU18 (11.7cm) - HLS UK2.5 (Bobux UK2)
  • EU19 (12.4cm) - HLS UK3.5 (Bobux UK3)
  • EU20 (13.1cm) - HLS UK4 (Bobux UK3.5)
  • EU21 (13.8cm) - HLS UK5 (Bobux UK4.5)
  • EU22 (14.5cm) - HLS UK5.5 (Bobux UK5)

Bobux Kid+

  • EU30 (19.7cm) - HLS UK12 (Bobux UK11.5)
  • EU31 (20.3cm) - HLS UK12.5 (Bobux UK12)
  • EU32 (21.0cm) - HLS UK13.5 (Bobux UK13)
  • EU33 (21.8cm) - HLS UK1.5 junior (Bobux UK1j)

Bobux i-Walk

  • EU22 (14.6cm) - HLS UK6 (Bobux UK5)
  • EU23 (15.3cm) - HLS UK6.5 (Bobux UK6)
  • EU24 (15.8cm) - HLS UK7 (Bobux UK7)
  • EU25 (16.5cm) - HLS UK8 (Bobux UK7.5)
  • EU26 (17.2cm) - HLS UK9 (Bobux UK8.5)
  • EU27 (17.8cm) - HLS UK9.5 (Bobux UK9.5)
  • EU28 (18.5cm) - HLS UK10.5 (Bobux UK10)
  • EU29 (19.3cm) - HLS UK11.5 (Bobux UK11)