Slugs and Snails

Designed with extra room around the bottom to accommodate cloth nappies and allow a good rise up the back for extra warmth, Slugs & Snails tights are more than just tights.

The designs (unlike traditional tights) don’t stop at the knee, which means that they can be worn with or without trousers. Each pair comes with the unique Slugs & Snails© leaf logo and anti-slip soles to give grip to busy little feet.


  • 0-6m (up to UK2 / up to 62cm tall)
  • 6-12m (up to UK3 / up to 68cm tall)
  • 12-18m (up to UK4 / up to 80cm tall)
  • 18-24m (up to UK6 / up to 86cm tall)
  • 2-3Y (up to UK7 / up to 92cm tall)
  • 3-4Y (up to UK9 / up to 104cm tall)
  • 4-5Y ( up to UK11 / up to 117cm tall)
  • 5-6Y ( up to UK13 / up to 130cm tall)