Stonz sizing is different to any other brand.

For the Booties the two toggle system enables a custom fit whether wearing them over shoes, Linerz or just bare feet and as such, they are made with bigger increments between sizes - allowing your child to wear them for longer and giving you better value for money.

West Boots

Rainboot Liners

  • EU21 (Stonz 4T)
  • EU22 (Stonz 5T)
  • EU23 (Stonz 6T)
  • EU24 (Stonz 7T)
  • EU25 (Stonz 8T)
  • No EU26 (not produced)
  • EU27 (Stonz 9T)
  • EU28 (Stonz 10T)
  • EU29 (Stonz 11T)
  • EU30 (Stonz 12T)
  • EU31 (Stonz 13T)
  • EU32 (Stonz 1Y)
  • EU33 (Stonz 2Y)

Booties & Sherpa Fleece Bootie Liners

Rain Suits

  • 0-6 months - fits up to 68cm height
  • 6-12 months - fits up to 76cm height
  • 12-18 months - fits up to 84cm height
  • 18-24 months - fits up to 91cm height
  • 2T - fits up to 98cm height
  • 3T - fits up to 105cm height
  • 4T - fits up to 110cm height
  • 5T - fits up to 116cm height
  • 6T - fits up to 125cm height