Plae shoes are a great new brand of trainers and play shoes from the US. They have been designed to follow the natural contour of a child's foot with a good width to the toe box whilst coming in narrower across the mid foot to suit narrow and medium width feet really nicely. They also come with a removable insole and the option to change the Velcro tabs to give a really good adjustment to the fit. The flexible soles are nice and flat with no internal seams and, with the insole removed, zero drop. The soles are also hard wearing and use dynamic traction sole treads to ensure a good grip. The rest of the shoe is designed to elite athlete standards: with durable toe guards, and wicking, washable anti-microbial inserts. Great care has been taken to source responsible, recycled, and non-toxic materials and there are some good vegan options in the range. Check out this helpful video which explains how to wash your Plae shoes:


Please note that our sizing differs from the Plae sizing in that Plae give the size of foot that each shoe should fit whereas our measurements are the internal measurements of the shoe. For example for the EU24 size, Plae list as 15cm which is the size of foot the shoe will fit, we measure the shoe as 15.7cm which should suit a 15cm foot nicely.

  • EU22 (UK5 / 14cm)
  • EU23 (UK6 / 15cm)
  • EU24 (UK7 / 15.7cm)
  • EU25 (UK8 / 16.3cm)
  • EU26 (UK8.5 / 16.7cm)
  • EU27 (UK9 / 17.3cm)
  • EU28 (UK10 / 18cm)
  • EU29 (UK11 / 18.9cm)
  • EU30 (UK11.5 / 19.3cm)
  • EU31 (UK12 / 19.7cm)
  • EU32 (UK13 / 20.5cm)
  • EU33(UK1j / 21cm)
  • EU34 (UK1.5j / 21.5cm)
  • EU34.5 (UK2j / 21.8cm) / 14.6cm)
  • EU35 (UK2j / 22cm) Box states UK2.5j
  • EU36 (UK3j / 22.9cm)

Plae Tabs

  • Small (for shoes EU24-25)
  • Medium (for shoes EU26-30)
  • Large (for shoes EU34 plus or higher insteps)