PLAE are a great barefoot friendly brand of trainers from the US. They have been designed to elite athlete standards with durable toe guards, and wicking, washable anti-microbial inserts. The flexible soles are zero drop, with the insole removed, and have no internal seams. They are super durable and hard wearing with dynamic traction sole treads to ensure a good grip. They are a great all round shoe for all kinds of activities.

Please note that our cm measurements differ from the Plae ones used on their website and the shoe box. The Plae cm measurements gives the size of foot that each shoe should fit whereas our measurements are the internal measurements of the shoe. For example for the EU24 size, Plae list as 15cm which is the size of foot the shoe will fit, we measure the shoe as 15.7cm which should suit a 15cm foot nicely.

Plae Shoes and Boots

  • EU20 (13.0cm) - HLS UK4 (PLAE UK4)
  • EU21 (13.3cm) - HLS UK4.5 (PLAE UK4)
  • EU22 (14.0cm) - HLS UK5 (PLAE UK5)
  • EU23 (15.0cm) - HLS UK6 (PLAE UK6)
  • EU23.5 (15.4cm) - HLS UK6.5 (PLAE UK6.5)
  • EU24 (15.7cm) - HLS UK7 (PLAE UK7)
  • EU24.5 (16.0cm) - HLS UK7.5 (PLAE UK7.5)
  • EU25 (16.3cm) - HLS UK8 (PLAE UK8)
  • EU26 (16.7cm) - HLS UK8.5 (PLAE UK8.5)
  • EU27 (17.3cm) - HLS UK9 (PLAE UK9)
  • EU27.5 (17.6cm) - HLS UK9.5 (PLAE UK9.5)
  • EU28 (18.0cm) - HLS UK10 (PLAE UK10)
  • EU28.5 (18.5cm) - HLS UK10.5 (PLAE UK10.5)
  • EU29 (18.9cm) - HLS UK11 (PLAE UK11)
  • EU30 (19.3cm) - HLS UK11.5 (PLAE UK11.5)
  • EU31 (19.7cm) - HLS UK12 (PLAE UK12)
  • EU31.5 (20.1cm) - HLS UK12.5 (PLAE UK12.5)
  • EU32 (20.5cm) - HLS UK13 (PLAE UK13)
  • EU32.5 (20.8cm) - HLS UK13.5 (PLAE UK13.5)
  • EU33 (21.1cm) - HLS UK1 junior (PLAE UK1j)
  • EU34 (21.5cm) - HLS UK1.5 junior (PLAE UK1.5j)
  • EU34.5 (21.9cm) - HLS UK2 junior (PLAE UK2j)
  • EU35 (22.4cm) - HLS UK2.5 junior (PLAE UK2.5j)
  • EU35.5 (22.8cm) - HLS UK3 junior (PLAE UK3j)
  • EU36 (23.2cm) - HLS UK3.5 junior (PLAE UK3.5j)

Plae Tabs

The sizes below are the size of tabs used on the shoes and to choose if you want a like for like replacement in tab length. If you are looking to adjust the fit then you can adjust the size of your tabs to improve the fit. Size down a tab size for shallower feet needing a shorter length and size up a tab for higher insteps needing a longer tab.

  • Small (for shoes up to EU25)
  • Medium (for shoes EU26-30)
  • Large (for shoes EU31-34)
  • Xtra-Large (for shoes EU34 plus or higher insteps)