Aigle is a French footwear company who have been making rubber boots since their formation in 1853. They are known for high quality, simple and well-designed products. We love their range of children's wellington boots which are made from natural rubber with a lovely flexible rubber sole. Soft and lightweight these boots have good durability and a nice round toe box and a great slip resistant sole.

  • EU24 (15.5cm) - HLS UK7 (Aigle UK7)
  • EU25 (16.1cm) - HLS UK7.5 (Aigle UK7.5)
  • EU26 (16.8cm) - HLS UK8.5 (Aigle UK8.5)
  • EU27 (17.2cm) - HLS UK9 (Aigle UK9)
  • EU28 (17.9cm) - HLS UK10 (Aigle UK10)
  • EU29 (18.5cm) - HLS UK10.5 (Aigle UK11)
  • EU30 (19.4cm) - HLS UK11.5 (Aigle UK 11.5)
  • EU31 (20.0cm) - HLS UK12.5 (Aigle UK12.5)
  • EU32 (20.5cm) - HLS UK13 (Aigle UK13)
  • EU33 (21.1cm) - HLS UK1 junior (Aigle UK1)
  • EU34 (21.9cm) - HLS UK2 junior (Aigle UK2)
  • EU35 (22.3cm) - HLS UK2.5 junior (Aigle UK2.5)
  • EU36 (22.8cm) - HLS UK3 junior (Aigle UK3.5)
  • EU37 (23.8cm) - HLS UK4 junior (Aigle UK4)
  • EU38 (24.3cm) - HLS UK5 junior (Aigle UK5)