Tikki are a fun colourful range of shoes hand made by a lovely family company from Romania.

Their shoes and sandals are some of the softest, lightest and most flexible that we sell. Soles are zero drop and range from a 2mm – 4mm in thickness. They are comfortable and attractive and also safe for delicate skin as they use only the best quality Chrome Free leather linings. A wider fit and toe box with a good depth to the shoes, the designs also seem to enable a great fit for a variety of foot types with a good Velcro adjustment around the ankle to suit narrower ankles.

  • EU20 (UK3.5 / 12.7cm)
  • EU21 (UK4 / 13.4cm)
  • EU22 (UK5 / 14cm)
  • EU23 (UK6 / 14.5cm)
  • EU24 (UK6.5 / 15cm)
  • EU25 (UK7 / 15.7cm)
  • EU26 (UK8 / 16.3cm)
  • EU27 (UK9 / 17cm)
  • EU28 (UK10 / 17.6cm)
  • EU30 (UK11 / 19cm)
  • EU32 (UK13 / 20.3cm)