Women's Shoes

On measuring the internal centimetre measurement for the Merrell Women’s shoes we found some significant differences between the internal measurements that we were taking when compared  to the centimetre measurements printed on the box.  We believe that the measurements on the box are the external measurements of the sole whereas we use the internal measurements which is the best for correct sizing. We have therefore listed our internal measurements separately here as follows;

  • EU37 (UK4 / 23cm) - Merrell sizing 4M
  • EU38 (UK5 / 23.8cm) - Merrell sizing 5M
  • EU38.5 (UK5.5 / 24.5cm) - Merrell sizing 5.5M
  • EU39 (UK6 / 25cm) - Merrell sizing 6M
  • EU40 (UK6.5 / 25.6cm) - Merrell sizing 6.5M
  • EU40.5 (UK7 / 25.8cm) - Merrell sizing 7M
  • EU41 (UK7.5 / 26.3cm) - Merrell sizing 7.5M
  • EU42 (UK8 / 26.7cm) - Merrell sizing 8M
  • EU42.5 (UK8.5 / 27.3cm) - Merrell sizing 8.5M
  • Please note that these measurements do differ from those stated on the box as explained above.

    Men's Shoes

      For the Men's sizing, our internal measurements are consistent with those stated on the box.

      • EU42 (UK8 / 26.5cm) - Merrell Sizing 8M
      • EU43 (UK8.5 / 27cm) - Merrell Sizing 8.5M
      • EU43.5 (UK9 / 27.5cm) - Merrell Sizing 9M
      • EU44 (UK9.5 / 28cm) - Merrell Sizing 9.5M
      • EU44.5 (UK10 / 28.5cm) - Merrell Sizing 10M
      • EU45 (UK10.5 / 29cm) - Merrell Sizing 10.5M
      • EU46 (UK11 / 29.5cm) - Merrell Sizing 11M
      • EU47 (UK12 / 30.5cm) - Merrell Sizing 12M