There are 3 barefoot sole types in the Merrell range, all with zero drop and super flexible soles. The Trail Glove has a slightly thicker outsole at 5.5mm and a stack height of 11.5mm. The new Move Glove has a grippier sole with a super-thin outsole of 1.5mm and an overall stack height of 9.5mm. The Vapour Glove is the ultimate barefoot trainer with a 1.5mm outsole and 6.5mm stack height. The Parkway casual shoes use the same sole as Trail Glove whereas the Luna casual shoes are on the Vapour Glove sole.


On measuring the internal centimetre measurement for the Merrell Womens shoes we found some significant differences between the internal measurements that we were taking when compared  to the centimetre measurements printed on the box.  We believe that the measurements on the box are the external measurements of the sole whereas we use the internal measurements which is the best for correct sizing.

Please note that these measurements do differ from those stated on the box as explained above.


For the Mens sizing, our internal measurements are consistent with those stated on the box.