Bundgaard is a Danish brand founded in 1904 and is Scandinavia's oldest children's shoe manufacturer. The brand is known for quality and classic Scandinavian design and all the products are produced in Portugal. We have been delighted to find these classic Wellington boots from Bundgaard, ending our long search for a wider fitting, barefoot friendly wellington boot. Available in a range of beautiful colours these boots are handmade from natural rubber and lined with a comfy cotton & textile lining. They have a super wide and square shaped toe box with a flexible sole and a very minimal heel rise.


  • EU20 (13.2cm) - HLS UK4
  • EU21 (14.0cm) - HLS UK5
  • EU22 (14.5cm) - HLS UK5.5
  • EU23 (15.0cm) - HLS UK6
  • EU24 (15.9cm) - HLS UK7
  • EU25 (16.5cm) - HLS UK8
  • EU26 (17.1cm) - HLS UK9
  • EU27 (18.0cm) - HLS UK10
  • EU28 (18.5cm) - HLS UK10.5
  • EU29 (19.0cm) - HLS UK11
  • EU30 (19.9cm) - HLS UK12
  • EU31 (21.0cm) - HLS UK13.5
  • EU32 (21.4cm) - HLS UK1j
  • EU33 (22.5cm) - HLS UK2.5j
  • EU34 (23.0cm) - HLS UK3j
  • EU35 (23.5cm) - HLS UK4j


  • EU19 (12.0cm) - HLS UK3
  • EU20 (12.6cm) - HLS UK3.5
  • EU21 (13.2cm) - HLS UK4
  • EU22 (13.8cm) - HLS UK5
  • EU23 (14.3cm) - HLS UK5.5
  • EU24 (14.8cm) - HLS UK6
  • EU25 (15.6cm) - HLS UK7