Hailing from sunny Croatia Froddo is a small company with an individual approach to shoe design. They produce a wide range of sole types but we are stocking both their new barefoot range and the barefoot friendly soles.

The new barefoot ranges been a great new addition, comprising both school shoes, sandals, shoes and boots. Their barefoot sole is zero-drop, thin and flexible with a great wide toe box and available in sizes EU27 to EU35.

The warm lined boots are on a barefoot friendly sole which is a little thicker and narrower in fit but nice and flexible and zero drop with a natural shape to the toe box.

Barefoot Range

  • EU27 (18.0cm) - HLS UK10
  • EU28 (18.6cm) - HLS UK10.5
  • EU29 (19.2cm) - HLS UK11
  • EU30 (19.8cm) - HLS UK12
  • EU31 (20.5cm) - HLS UK13
  • EU32 (21.3cm) - HLS UK1j
  • EU33 (21.9cm) - HLS UK2j
  • EU34 (22.6cm) - HLS UK2.5j
  • EU35 (23.1cm) - HLS UK3j

Warm Lined Boots

  • EU19 (12.0cm) - HLS UK3
  • EU20 (13.0cm) - HLS UK4
  • EU21 (13.5cm) - HLS UK4.5
  • EU22 (14.1cm) - HLS UK5
  • EU23 (15.0cm) - HLS UK6
  • EU24 (15.8cm) - HLS UK7
  • EU25 (16.5cm) - HLS UK8
  • EU26 (17.2cm) - HLS UK9
  • EU27 (18.0cm) - HLS UK10
  • EU28 (18.5cm) - HLS UK10.5