Freet are a UK company designing simple, everyday and active barefoot shoes.

They design and develop all of their shoes in the UK and focus on a pared down range of shoes for walking, running and everyday leisure. We now stock a range of options for adults and Junior sizes and are recommending them for sports and school use. Please note that the sizing on these shoes is very different to any other brand so do make sure you order based on the centimetre (cm) measurements rather than the EU sizing.

Freet Junior

  • EU30 (18.6cm) - HLS UK10.5 (Freet UK11.5)
  • EU31 (19.2cm) - HLS UK11 (Freet UK12.5)
  • EU32 (19.9cm) - HLS UK12 (Freet UK13)
  • EU33 (20.5cm) - HLS UK13 (Freet UK1j)
  • EU34 (21.1cm) - HLS UK1 junior (Freet UK2j)
  • EU35 (21.8cm) - HLS UK1.5 junior (Freet UK2.5j)
  • EU36 (22.5cm) - HLS UK2.5 junior (Freet UK3j)

Freet Adults

  • EU35 (21.5cm) - HLS UK1.5 (Freet UK2)
  • EU36 (22.6cm) - HLS UK2.5 (Freet UK3)
  • EU37 (23.3cm) - HLS UK3.5 (Freet UK4)
  • EU38 (24.0cm) - HLS UK4.5 (Freet UK5)
  • EU39 (24.6cm) - HLS UK5.5 (Freet UK6)
  • EU40 (25.2cm) - HLS UK6 (Freet UK6.5)
  • EU41 (25.8cm) - HLS UK7 (Freet UK7)
  • EU42 (26.4cm) - HLS UK7.5 (Freet UK8)
  • EU43 (27.1cm) - HLS UK8.5 (Freet UK9)
  • EU44 (27.8cm) - HLS UK9 (Freet UK9.5)
  • EU45 (28.5cm) - HLS UK10 (Freet UK10)
  • EU46 (29.1cm) - HLS UK10.5 (Freet UK11)
  • EU47 (30.0cm) - HLS UK11.5 (Freet UK12)
  • EU48 (30.7cm) - HLS UK12 (Freet UK12.5)
  • EU49 (31.3cm) - HLS UK12.5 (Freet UK13)