Moccis are cosy and practical moccasin slipper socks made in Sweden. Made from natural materials they have a leather moccasin sole which is durable and flexible, allowing children's feet to move freely giving a truly barefoot experience. The warm, breathable sock keeps feet warm and cosy whilst the sole is skid proof preventing slipping and sliding, allowing little crawlers to get off to a good start and walkers to run and jump naturally. Moccis are perfect for home, nursery and playgroup, the perfect indoor shoe all year round. Moccis are made from a natural Oeco-tex® certified cotton blend with a natural leather sole. They are finished by hand to ensure high quality with a sewed in double elastic at the ankle to prevent the moccasin from falling off. They are machine washable at 40 degrees.

Kid's Moccis

  • EU16-17 (0-6m) (11.0cm) - HLS UK1.5 (Moccis UK0-1)
  • EU18-19 (6-12m) (12.0cm) - HLS UK3 (Moccis UK2-3)
  • EU20-21 (12-18m) (13.0cm) - HLS UK4 (Moccis UK3.5-4)
  • EU22-23 (18-24m) (14.5cm) - HLS UK5.5 (Moccis UK5-6)
  • EU24-25 (2-3y) (16.5cm) - HLS UK8 (Moccis UK7-8)
  • EU26-27 (3-4y) (17.5cm) - HLS UK9.5 (Moccis UK8.5-9)
  • EU28-29 (4-6y) (19.0cm) - HLS UK11 (Moccis UK10-11)
  • EU30-31 (6-8y) (19.5cm) - HLS UK11.5 (Moccis UK11.5-12.5)
  • EU32-33 (8-10y) (21.0cm) - HLS UK13.5 (Moccis UK13-1j)
  • EU34-35 (10-12y) (22.0cm) - HLS UK2 junior (Moccis UK2j-3j)

Adult's Moccis

  • EU36-37 (24.0cm) - HLS UK4.5 (Moccis UK3.5-UK5)
  • EU38-39 (24.5cm) - HLS UK5 (Moccis UK5.5-UK7)
  • EU40-41 (25.8cm) - HLS UK7 (Moccis UK7.5-UK8)
  • EU42-43 (27.5cm) - HLS UK9 (Moccis UK10)
  • EU44-45 (29.5cm) - HLS UK11 (Moccis UK10.5-UK11)
  • EU46-47 (31.0cm) - HLS UK12.5 (Moccis UK12)