Old Soles

Old Soles are an Australian footwear brand based in Sydney Australia. Their aim is to combine street culture and fashion influences into a range of healthy footwear for kids. Designed in Australia since 2008, Old Soles uses only the finest materials, chicest embellishments and richest color schemes to bring a fresh assortment of function and style to its exciting collections. We are stocking their pre-walkers and first shoes which are barefoot friendly. Built on super soft and flexible sole units they offer some great options for the littlest feet.

  • EU17 (10.0cm) - HLS UK0
  • EU18 (10.8cm) - HLS UK1
  • EU19 (11.5cm) - HLS UK2
  • EU20 (12.2cm) - HLS UK3
  • EU21 (12.8cm) - HLS UK4
  • EU22 (13.4cm) - HLS UK4.5
  • EU23 (14.1cm) - HLS UK5
  • EU24 (15.0cm) - HLS UK6
  • EU25 (15.8cm) - HLS UK7
  • EU26 (16.4cm) - HLS UK8