Clarks needs no introduction and has long been the go to shop for parents in the UK. Whilst not usually associated with barefoot we are stocking some of their pre-walkers and particularly their new Star range. This has been inspired by barefoot principles and are a lovely soft and flexible option for pre-walkers and first shoes.  We absolutely loved these shoes and were very keen to add to our range. We hope you enjoy them.

  • Clarks 0-6 months (10.5cm) - HLS UK1
  • Clarks UK2 (11.3cm) - HLS UK2
  • Clarks UK2.5 (11.7cm) - HLS UK2.5
  • Clarks UK3 (12.1cm) - HLS UK3
  • Clarks UK3.5 (12.5cm) - HLS UK3.5
  • Clarks UK4 (12.9cm) - HLS UK4
  • Clarks UK5 (13.8cm) - HLS UK5
  • Clarks UK5.5 (14.2cm) - HLS UK5.5